mbbr bio filter media


Nam Trung Viet Environment Company produces and distributes quality mbbr bio filter media potting products, gives free consultation on mbbr potting services in wastewater treatment, sends samples for pre-checking to customers. Please contact us to buy quality mbbr rack products


282 USD/
cubic meters

Contact surface



HDPE plastic


98 percent


8mm – 25mm






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producing mbbr bio filter media

Nam Trung Viet Environment Company with more than 10 years of experience in the field: Design consulting for wastewater treatment projects, in addition we also produce and supply water purification materials such as:  Microbiological media Biochip , mbbr bio filter media,   microbiological buffer , sedimentation plate lamella . To apply in wastewater treatment works to save costs for renovation as well as construction of wastewater treatment systems.

Why choose mbbr bio filter media

1. Surface of product  microbial mbbr bio filter media in large domestic wastewater: 400m2 / m3.

2. The wastewater treatment efficiency by biological methods can reach 95% when using the mbbr media

3. Save the cost of transporting the product to construction sites far from the same product, because this product is not cumbersome.

4. The product price is equal to 1/2 The price of the product

5. Save costs for businesses when they have to renovate their wastewater treatment system because they only need to add  MBBR media to the wastewater treatment system without needing to expand the facility. after the wastewater flow into the system increases.

6. Free consultation and guidance.

mbbr bio filter media

What is mbbr bio filter media and its outstanding features

mbbr bio filter media substrate (or vehicle pellet media) is a plastic material used for microorganisms to adhere to and added in wastewater treatment systems, particularly biological tanks to be able to lift High efficiency of this tank in particular and the whole system in general. Simply understood as the habitat, the habitat of microorganisms, it can be made from relatively stable plastic in the wastewater environment.

mbbr bio filter media mbbr bio filter media mbbr bio filter media mbbr bio filter media

 Specifications mbbr bio filter media

mbbr bio filter media cushion is divided into 5 sizes, depending on the needs you choose the appropriate size

Picture Micro-cushion MBBR PE01 price mbbr pe03 Micro-cushion MBBR PE05
Size 12 x 10mm 15 x 10mm 25 x10mm 8 x 10mm 15 x 10mm
Contact surface > 400m² / m³ > 400m² / m³ > 400m² / m³ > 700m² / m³ > 700m² / m³
Origin Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam
Membrane time 3-15 3-15 3-15 3-15 3-15
% N2 treatment 400-1200 400-1200 400-1200 500-1400 500-1400
% BOD treatment 2000-10000 2000-10000 2000-10000 2500-20000 2500-20000
% COD treatment 2000-15000 2000-15000 2000-15000 2500-20000 2500-20000
Temperature oC 5-60 5-60 5-60 5-60 5-60
Life expectancy > 15 > 15 > 15 > 15 > 15

Highlights of the mbbr bio filter media

  • Uniformity of thickness
  • The circulation speed is even and high
  • Good microbiological adhesion
  • The water is evenly distributed
  • Cost savings
  • Resistant to water soluble substances
  • Capable of self-cleaning, high circulation speed, preventing clogging
  • Contact surface area per unit volume
  • Increase the biomass in the biological tank, increase the richness of microorganisms
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Increase treatment efficiency of BOD, Nitrogen
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation and operation
  • The ball is cast monolithic so it is not broken halfway, causing pipe blockage
  • Working in a high pressure environment

The reason you should choose  mbbr bio filter media – Wastewater treatment

  • The process of forming a membrane of microorganisms adhesion takes place quickly from 3 to 15 days
  • Large contact surface area> 500m2 / m3
  • Long service life over 10 years due to the production of HDPE material
  • Helps increase the load of the microbiological tank thereby saving construction area
  • Suitable for all types of tanks
  • The process of installation, operation and maintenance is easy

Working principle of mbbr bio filter media

mbbr bio filter media is added directly to the biological tank. The special geometry and surface structure of the mbbr bio filter media substrate create a large contact surface area such as a safe and comfortable home for microorganisms to adhere to. After a certain time, from 25-30 days, on the contact surface forming a microbiological film. This membrane will absorb the impurities in the water as food for biomass growth. Formation of microbial strains: aerobic, anaerobic, and anaerobic. During the operation, these microorganisms will continuously grow and proliferate in number, richer in types, the microbiological layer in the tank is always rejuvenated and ready to participate in breaking the circuit. thoroughly even hard-to-degrade substances.

In addition, the use of a cylindrical substrate also creates an environment for many types of bacteria to grow, including the constantly increasing nitrifying bacteria, helping to handle a large amount of organic and nitrogenous substances in wastewater. mbbr bio filter media is not only used for aerobic microorganism tanks but also used in anaerobic and anaerobic tanks for more efficient nitrogen treatment.

Mbbr bio filter media Water treatment application

mbbr bio filter media is used in domestic wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater such as pharmaceuticals, plating, chemicals, printing, textile dyeing, metallurgy, food processing … in addition to being used in filtration. aquarium water, aquaculture with the name  kaldnes filter grain .

In wastewater treatment to improve treatment efficiency to increase system capacity without building or opening works, people often add microbial buffers to the biological treatment process, in order to increase the exposure density of microbiological with buffer material

mbbr bio filter media

mbbr bio filter media

There are many different types of mbbr bio filter media on the market today and many products are counterfeit, poor quality with many different prices. So please pay attention to the structure, material, size and commitment of the seller.

Our services

Quality is the life, service determines growth and reputation is the guarantee.
1. Service tracking goods during transportation
2. Provide an installation video if needed.
3. Quality Guarantee is 12 months.
4. Big discount for customers who order many times.
5. Smooth delivery procedure.
6. If it has been proven to be due to the quality problem, we will bear all the replacement costs within the quality guarantee period.

Quality of the product

– Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standards.
– We have CE, ISO certification
– We test every product before delivery.

The price of the product

– We can offer the lowest price compared to the market.
– We quote the earliest price for any customer.
– Quantity discounts can be made.

Accept orders according to customer requirements – We can make products according to customer requirements


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